UPGRADE to ASA 110/101 Combo

in New Bern

Available ONLY to 2018 Students


Existing ASA 110 Course to ASA 110 / 101 Combo

in New Bern 2019

Upgrade to ASA 110/101 Combination

2018 Students ONLY

Earn Two ASA Certifications at once at


In 2019 we will continue to offer make-up classes for our ASA 110 Students. But we will no longer enroll new students for classes at Jordan Lake.

But Here's What's New in 2019:

And you can Reschedule for this new 3 day offering at NO EXTRA COST...!

Available to 2018 Students Only

ASA 110  Basic Small Boat Sailing and our Basic Keel Boat Sailing class

(with ASA 101 certification) will be offered as one course. You will not only learn to sail but but you will do it in Style. You'll have an opportunity to earn two ASA certifications in one 3 day course taught in New Bern on the Neuse River 

And live aboard our 28 ft Ericson Cruiser at no Charge

"ASA 110" will be taught as a one day class in Downtown New Bern's

Beautiful Union Park on our 19ft Flying Scot 

on the first day of class.

"Basic Keel Boat Sailing" will be taught on the second and third days

out of our Home Port of Northwest Creek Marina (New Bern)

aboard our 28ft Ericson sloop.

(ASA 101 certification is included)

Classes will be held to a total of 4 students and onboard lodging on our Ericson sloop at Northwest Creek Marina will be provided at "no cost."

It will be a great 3 day "Vacation Learn to Sail" class,

you'll have a blast, earn two ASA Certifications and get a chance to

sail two Great Boats.

And all you have to do...is get here

'cause there's not extra charge...!

As of this time, the course is planned for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday offering.

As it becomes more popular, we will add weekday offerings.

Our 2019 calendar will be online by Decemeber 1. So be certain to check back then and RESCHEDULE for this course at "NO CHARGE"

 ASA 110 & 101 Combo for 2019

ASA 110 Small Boat Course at Jordan Lake

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ASA 110 Only


ASA 110 Course At Jordan Lake

(2018 Students Receive a $25.00 Gift VISA Card) on Day of Class

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